Assistant Winemaker - Andrew Lebioda


Andrew was born and raised in the vast prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada, about as far from any vineyards as possible. However, known as the Breadbasket of the World, agriculture abounds which instilled an innate appreciation for growing and cultivating crops from a young age.

This appreciation fed a passion for the hospitality industry which saw him working in restaurants while studying Economics at the University of Regina. Upon completion of his studies, Andrew followed his passion to France where he spent a season working in kitchens and private chalets of Chamonix. 

The desire to return to produce and farming led him to working on farmstays across Southern France.  Being surrounded by vineyards and stunning scenery ignited a curiosity for viticulture and winemaking, which quickly evolved into a desire to learn as much about the art and science of winemaking as possible. 

Since his first harvest in France, Andrew has worked numerous vintages in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  He also completed his Certificate in Winemaking from the University of California, Davis. Andrew worked at Villa Maria Auckland winery as a Cellar hand for 18 months before moving to Hawkes Bay to take up the position of Assistant Winemaker at Vidal Estate.