Turning up the heat - international media declare the Gimblett Gravels Wine Growing District a red wine hot spot!

Friday, 04 December 2015

We always knew the gravelly soils, combined with Hawke's Bay's extra summer and autumn heat, put the Gimblett Gravels Wine Growing District alongside the world's famous producers of Bordeaux varieties and Syrah, but lately international wine commentators have been saying just that.

“Gimblett Gravels is probably the best site outside France not only for Bordeaux varieties but also for Syrah.” Philip Tuck MW, Decanter Magazine.

“Gimblett Gravels reds… sit very comfortably next to their top-drawer French counterparts.” Michael Schuster, The World of Fine Wine Magazine.

"NZ Syrahs – especially those from Gimblett Gravels – are consistently high quality, and excellent value compared to the Rhône." Decanter Magazine.